5 best ways to Make Money

how to make moneyMaking money is an art but knowing the best way to earn money is very interesting. Here today we gonna show you how to make money. The 5 best ways to make money.

but first of all you need to know what are the best ways. But you have a question in your minds that can we make money online without investing any thing the answer is that yes you can, you can make money online without investing any thing or the investment you will do to earn money is very little but profitable for you. Lets take a look that how you can earn money.

Network marketingnetwork marketing

It is a best way to earn money if you are a student and want to make money probably it is a good place for you to earn money. Network marketing is the trade of 21st century. All you need to do is that go to the website like amazone .com  Pick the products and publish them on your website, On your social network website and when someone buy these product a commission paid to you by that company or website and the referral you send can also be useful for you. You get extra revenue from you referred member’s work. This is a serious way to earn money money we recommend you to take a look on this book The business of the 21st century by Robert kiyosaki.

Youtube videosmake money with youtube

The  2nd way i suggest you to become a you tube partner and make money with you tube. According to recent stats people watch more videos than you tube searches and you tube gives you a platform form to make money. Its free many visitor you have you earn more money it depends upon you and your efforts. I suggest you a guide visit this and start your work. Click here….. later on write myself in very easy way for you. So please visit regularly.

Start your own websitestart your own website

starting your own website is the best way there are a billions of students who make their own website and than sold them in 1000s which is probably the best to earn money later on i will write how to make your own website so check it in search box.

Selling your notes

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If you are a good student and you have some notes and want to sell them go to Note scale and sell your notes this website took some commission so you have no need to promote your notes.


If you have time and enjoy to write or manage facebook pages or some thing like that and you need some money than free lancing is the best way to earn money .The best thing about  Free lancing is that it is easier and you can contact all over the world for your work .For free Lancing goto upwork.com.