Can Pot be the Answer to the Economy’s Problems?


Marijuana is rapidly turning into big business and its no surprise that infamous stoner Tommy Chong one half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong is getting in on the action. At the highest point in his career the comedian was accepting Grammys and at his lowest he was thrown in jail for sending bongs from one state to another. Today things are looking up for the cannabis loving funny man; his company “Chong’s Choice” manufactures pot paraphernalia like THC infused breath strips and marijuana flowers. To no one’s surprise, Chong’s favorite part of business is, of course, testing out the products.

Riding the Emoji Train

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Like Kim Kardashian Chong recently created his own emojis. His objective besides raising awareness about pot is to make it possible for friends to get together and smoke at just one tap of a button. He enjoys emojis and thinks that they are very cheerful symbols. He also says symbols are how we communicated before we had the written word so it makes sense that we use them as a form of communication once again.

Chong on Business

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Tommy has no problem with marijuana becoming big business. As he says if the demand for pot continues to grow then of course big business will be needed because pot sells in volume. When it comes to pot boosting the economy Chong says that up until this point all of the profit from marijuana has been made by penalties laid out by the government and they use the money to investigate more pot crimes instead of putting it in the economy. Chong believes that if it is legalized it will become the top selling crop in America, surpassing even wheat. This would not only save the U.S. economy but the world economy and the manufacturing process could be done in a way that won’t harm the environment like some factories have done in the past.

Technology is Tomorrow

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Chong believes technology is the future. His favorite piece of technology is currently Twitter. The fact that you can let the world know how you feel about something immediately and briefly is what he loves. If he could have any piece of technology made just for him he doesn’t know what it would be because he is always high when he has great ideas so he hopes that one day someone will create technology that will write notes telepathically. Now that’s a great idea Tommy!