Fisker Rejoins the Electric Car Race

Former Tesla rival, Fisker Automotive, is re-entering the electric car market and announcing two new models; a high-end car as well as an affordable mass-market model.

The Fisker Story


Fisker Automotive was founded in 2007 and built luxury cars tailored to the celebrity crowd before it went into a high profile bankruptcy in 2013. As part of its new comeback, the company is focusing on innovations within the electric car space.

Electric Cars are the Future


Car manufacturers worldwide are shifting their focus exclusively on electric models because they know that is where the future of the car market is headed. Consumers are increasingly demanding energy efficient transportation alternatives, and the car industry is answering their call.

Watch Out Tesla


In contrast to existing Tesla models, Fisker promises a ‚Äúsignificantly longer battery life and range than any battery currently on the market”. “Both the technology and the market are more mature now than when we first started out as pioneers in the electric vehicle industry, and our new vehicle will be the most innovative and cutting-edge electric car ever created,” he said.