Is There Any Differences Between Customer Service And Customer Satisfaction?


Any business minded person would know that the business’s relationship with her clients or customers has quite a lot to say when it comes to how much sales the business makes, and how much profit is made too. It also goes as far as defining what the business stands for and its eventual success story – good or bad.

Hence, customers must be taken very seriously and treated right. This is why most organisations, businesses or companies usually have a customer service department, which caters for the customers’ needs, and ensures they brand I’d represented properly to the customers and the public at large.

So, this is what customer service means; a department in a business that is set up solely for the purpose of taking care of customers and their needs, in order to keep them coming and to also represent the business well in the outer public.

Customer Satisfaction on the other hand means the results or outcome of the customer service representatives’ job. Basically, it is the positive outcome of a customer service job well done. A customer service representative or department has one goal; to satisfy the customers. If this goal is achieved, every other thing which could include proper representation of the business to the world and taking customers from one time purchases to recurring purchases and making them loyal to the business. The customer service also helps the customers to trust and identify with the brand if they do their jobs effectively and achieve customer satisfaction.

So, has the question been answered? Yes! Customer Service does not mean Customer Satisfaction. Customer Service could be a separate department in an organisation or company or the people who work in that department i.e. the customer service representatives, and it could also mean the work they do, but never customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction on the other hand is specifically the most positive result of customer services. It is when a customer who patronises a business finds the value he or she wanted and possibly, more. It is also when a customer comes with a question or a complaint and he it is answered correctly or resolved totally before he leaves the premises or drops the call, in situation of on-phone customer services. Basically it is when the work of a customer service department reflects and the customers all smile out of the building (either physical or virtual), regardless of how they came in.

However, when customer services do not lead to customer satisfaction repeatedly, it is not always the fault of the representatives. While some companies add the job of the customer service representatives or customer care team to the job of salespersons, it may be the quality of attention that does not allow the customer to reach satisfaction because the salesperson is multitasking two entirely different jobs. So, you may need to create a team for that. Also it may not be the personnel, but the product or service. If the value in what customers buy does not meet their expectations, then they can’t be satisfied, no matter what the customer service representatives do or tell them.

Hence, customer service cannot be detached from customer satisfaction.