Leadership In Business


Leadership is basically influencing the decision and actions of other persons within a community positively and without threat or violence. It could be further described as the ability of a person (or group of persons as the case may be) to make very difficult decisions, set and achieve difficult goals and inspire people (mostly subordinates) to work together as a team to produce the best results. It is more than having a group of people following one person or receiving orders from one person.

Is Leadership in Business different from leadership in other areas? It may be a question that you ponder on frequently, or one that just came to your mind right now. Well, truthfully leadership is leadership, regardless of who, where, how or in what area it is. However, there are certain things peculiar to leadership in business, that anyone involved in any kind of business must be aware of. This article will pin point these peculiarities for your effective leadership in your business.

Whether a business is doing fine or not, it needs effective leadership. If it is doing fine, only a good leader can help it maintain its status and not go down. One major mark of success anywhere is continuous progress, to keep winning. A good leader can celebrate success, but never rests even when it is the best. There are lots of competitions and one must be on top of his game, so the effective leader in business does not stop working.

In a business world, a good leader must be very conscious of competition and adopt very tactical techniques and strategies to be the best in the competitive market. This is usually hard because leaders of different firms that service the same market are always trying to get the top position in the market. Most times, it looks like the person who is on top of the competition is doing nothing to an onlooker or observer. It is never so. The leader must be doing something every observer; including his or her competitors, do not know. Leadership in business is generally aimed at influencing others for the profit of the business and the business’ relevance in the market.

The best leaders in business are like doctors to the business. They have the skills and knowledge needed to diagnose a business, prescribe the perfect medication and administer the treatment. No matter how crumbled a business is, regardless of how long it takes, a good leader is always able to bring the business back up.

A leader in business must be transformational in the sense that he must be ready to work, ready to learn and ready to teach, motivated and ready to motivate, driven and ready to drive, have a mission and stay true to it and must be bent on success, boosting the effectiveness, efficiency and competence of the workforce in order to achieve the best result through quality performance.

Quite a number of things in business can be taught, but the most important part of it must be learnt at will.