Our 2017 Favorite Crowd funded Projects


Crowd funded companies are the new talk of the town. Most startups that turn towards crowd funding are especially innovative and have a product that particularly appeals to the masses. If not, they wouldn’t be successful in raising the money. We’ve put together a list of our favorite crowd funded projects of 2016. These are the most innovative, most exciting products that have yet to hit the market, so keep your eyes and your wallets open for what’s yet to come!

ZEEQ smart pillow

funded 1

If you have trouble waking up in the morning and sleeping soundly at night then the ZEEQ smart pillow is for you. The pillow’s features include an alarm, a motion sensor, Bluetooth headphones, and a microphone. There is also an app in your smartphone that connects to the pillow. It tells you how much you need to sleep and the pillow vibrates to wake you up when your body has had enough sleep. Smart technology is now headed to our beds, helping us get better sleep one pillow at a time.


funded 2

The Hi) is a smart doorbell to keep your home safe. The doorbell connects to an application on your phone and notifies you anytime someone is at your front door in addition to sensing all the motion around your door. You can also talk to the person at your door through a microphone on the doorbell, to ensure complete safety. The company has worked to make sure the delay between someone pressing your doorbell and you getting a notification is as minimal as possible. Once you’ve got a video feed of the person outside you’re able to speak to them directly, meaning you’ll always be able to get your packages on the day of delivery! If it’s someone shady looking, you can trigger an alarm to send them running.

FLI charge

funded 3

The Fli charge is promising to beat Apple and Galaxy chargers at their own game. All you have to do is plug the pad into an outlet, then you place the phone in a case that comes with the pad and voila! You just lay the phone on the pad and it begins to charge. The best part of this charger is that it can fill the batteries of up to six smartphones at once. The campaign has already surpassed its goal, but $99 gets you all the essentials for wireless charging. Once you’ve got your hands on this genius product say goodbye to the ‘bed lean’ struggle every morning.