Things You Should Never Do In A Business Meeting


No one needs to be told that business meetings are serious meetings. It is for business and that is why it is just called a ‘business’ meeting, right? It will be totally ridiculous for anyone to play at a business meeting, but while no one might do that, there are a bunch of things that people do in business meetings that are totally inappropriate. If you are a business person, but you have not, at any point, considered the dos and don’ts of a business meeting, this is your chance. This article will also be very useful and valuable to you, if you have never been in a business meeting, but intend to be in one.

So, let us go right ahead to talk about some of the things that you must never do in a business meeting.

Frequently Checking your phone – This is totally annoying. It disgusts other attendees of the meeting, and presents you as unprofessional. While you may have valid reasons to check your phone, such as expecting an important call or responding to important emails, it just does not fit into the atmosphere of a business meeting. It is not wrong to check your phone very briefly once or to take permission to answer an important call, but there is a way to do it without offence. When your phone is on vibration, you will know when the call comes in from your pocket. Stay away from the phone in the meeting.


Typing on your laptop – While many people think typing during a meeting might not be offensive because it is the norm in this age, it is not. It is actually easier to take notes with pen and paper than it is to use a laptop, in a meeting. You can use a laptop to share files, videos, graphs etc, but typing distracts other attendees of that meeting. It also splits your attention because unlike the pen and paper, the laptop can be used for so many other things.

Interrupt disrespectfully – The business meeting environment is probably one of the most civilized environments there is. There is respect and culture in that room such that all differences are locked out. When a person has the floor and is speaking, allow them to complete their speech before making comments. If you must say anything before they finish, raise your hand to signify that you have something to say. Do not interrupt, even if you are a superior.


Eat – As mentioned earlier, it is a business meeting, not a place where casual discussions take place. As a result of this, eating is not one of the things you can do in a business meeting. Sometimes, if it will be a long meeting, refreshments are provided, but they are usually light refreshments. If you must eat anything, do not eat it in a way that would disgust or distract anyone else.

One universal tip for doing well in a business meeting is to treat it as a business meeting.