Why Do You Need A Mentor In Business?


Except you have gotten to your peak in business, and nobody is ahead of you, or has gone down the road you are now plying, you need a mentor. Mentors are like fathers or mother who guides us through the journey of life, advising us based on their experiences and knowledge. Mentors are not gods, neither are they perfect without mistakes. Most times, they teach and guide us based on the mistakes they made whilst doing what we are trying to do. As a matter of fact, our mentors have mentors too. If you don’t have a mentor, you need one. Whether you are new in business or not, as long as you look to grow, you need a mentor. Here’s why;

  • A mentor provides all the information you need at different stages of your business on a platter of gold. As a business starter, you need information on your market, the general business world, how to write a plan for your business, what goals to set, day to day activities, the best marketing strategy, budgeting, etc. These things are the things every start up finds hard to figure out, and they are crucial to the stability and performance of any start up. With a mentor, you have less worries in this area because they have all you need to be the best you can be.

  • Mentors don’t just tell you what to do, they take you on the journey and follow you in your journey. Your mentor is not just someone who advises you. They are a part of your business. They want your success and they play a huge role in ensuring it. They show you their own business model and teach you why they take every step they take. This is more than reading a book or attending a class, this is everything plus practical. Mentors teach you by doing what they say in their own businesses. So you have the chance to see it work before adopting it in your business.
  • Mentors see what you don’t see and help you see it. Particularly because they have gone ahead in terms of business, they see where you’re headed before you get there and they know if it’s good or bad. They can predict your mistakes almost accurately and help you avoid them. They are mentors because they know better than you do.

  • A mentor helps you grow. Growth is stimulated when you have a mentor. Either personally or professionally, a mentor stimulates your growth. They help you by suggesting courses, skills training, symposia, lectures, books that will help you grow, not just in business, but to become a better version of yourself. Naturally their maturity rubs off on you and you learn more than you signed up for because you have access to them in a way a regular student doesn’t have it to a tutor.

Mentorship is very important to success in any circumstance, and as you get mentored, you should also be ready to mentor others.