Heinous act: Video of school teacher being gang-raped circulates

Sadia*, a former school teacher, had to quit her day job and stay at home after the entire village found out what she was to ashamed to tell anyone. 

The 23-year-old was gang-raped by four men and the perpetrators filmed their savage attack, which has since circulated online, BBC reported.

The video of the rape has two versions circulating on the internet – one is about five minutes long, the other goes on for about 40 minutes.

Sadia, who is now too afraid and humiliated to leave her house, was kidnapped when she was on her way to a market to purchase a school uniform for her sister.

She said she was threatened with a gun, taken to a house and was raped while being filmed as the sordid act took place. Sadia said she pleaded the guilty party to let her go, but they beat her even more.

“After I begged and pleaded with them, they beat me even more,” she says. “They said to me that if I don’t listen to them and do what they want, they’ll show everyone the video, put it up on the internet, that they would hurt my brothers and sister.

The video was eventually seen by her uncle, who showed it to Sadia’s father.

“She felt too ashamed to tell me because I’m her father. If her mother had been alive, I’m sure my daughter would have told her,” her father said.

After the video was seen, her family reported the crime. The culprits were eventually found, what with the small size of the community and the video itself.

Sadia is also aware that the video is being watched.

“A lot of people are watching this video for fun, they see it as something interesting,” she said.

The accused are currently in jail and are facing a trial. However, the video continues to circulate and is yet to be deleted.

*Identity has been protected