Israel is worrying about it’s security



israel and face book issues

Government minister have accused social sites of Failing to tackle “inciteful” content in Israel social network for more……………

No doubt Israel is the master mind for activities on our planet earth but now there are some reasons for which Israel getting worry about that ……….

Public minister of Israel named Gilad Erden said that “facebook popular social site had set a very high bar for removing incite ful content “.

In Reply facebook said that “the work of removing the inciteful content was really near to work so Israel don’t need to worry about that”.

Mrs shaked, complained that this type of content must be tackle manually more she said that “we want the companies to remove the content uploaded by someone about our security .”

Facebook security in Israel Israel is worrying about it social network issues and replies of facebook to israel

Facebook Reply :

In reply facebook statement says that”we have set of social community  standards to help people understand what’s allowed on facebook”

“We regularly work with the policy makers and people all over the world including Israel”

“This work ensures how make facebook safe to us and people use this website securely”.

“there is no room for those who violates its rules and regulations, direct threats or terrorist threats including Israel on our platform”.

Blocked facebook


Before security issues of Israel in history there are many times where facebook have a policy to block the content. At the time, Facebook said its policy was to block access to content within a country if it breaks local law.

All the search engines faced pressure in Germany to remove the hate speeches post on their websites otherwise they threaten them to block their engines in Germany.

In 2015, Facebook complied with a Turkish court order demanding the blocking of a page it said offended the Prophet Muhammad(P B U H).Justice threatened facebook to take immediate action on this issue otherwise turkey block their website in turkey.