Strange people of 21 century.

In the history of mankind since the birth of numerous people who have lived, whose name has been immortalized thanks to his exploits. Even today some people who are born inherently unique, or what his name because he has a God-given ability.

Human King Kong:

Man in chaine name jaon yo have hair all over his body and this make him different from other and people called him king kong although his body is normal in size to other people.“He is included in the Guinness Book of World Records. 36-year-old mind still several documentaries have been made, the biggest wish is that people in their appearance than anything else, because even more so u rock star become efforts for have made.



The human body make the most pyyrsng:

Body tattoo (tattoos) make, or issuing body pyyrsng Although Moody’s is becoming a key part of the fashion, especially the younger generation pyyrsng (nose was pierced body parts) have a tendency to sell fast is. But this is a man whose love pyyrsng evaluate the extent of obsession Guinness Book of World could be seen, from the German ‘Rolf Bush holes’, one of the world’s most pyyrsng declared is. 56-year-old Rolf received two horns on his forehead, 453 parts of the body except the uaky earrings and other jewelry are wearing pyyrsng.In these days it fashion but in last year in dubai he was not allow in airport.




Dwarf man in the world:

District of Nepal  the world has the distinction of being the man Dwarf. According to the Guinness Book of World Records,he is 75 year old and his height is 9 inches and his weight is only 15 kg.He is known as ‘mini t’.He was saw by some people and they told media and afterward Guinness World Records representatives visited the village and measurement of the moon and the world’s largest man named Dwarf.



The world’s most powerful man:

39-year-old drunas Savickas of Lithuania’s most powerful man in the world as is. Four times in the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s most powerful men, has been ranked first in the list and last year I had the honor of their contribution.