15 Most Beautiful Celebrities Of The New Generation

Have you ever thought about how all your favorite celebrities are more or less the same age, and apart from a few exceptions, all come from the same generation? And then suddenly you realize that they’re all getting old and you have no idea who all these new people are, and what celebs you’re going to follow and life after your favorites retire? Well we’re here to show you a couple of women you up until now you might’ve considered kid celebs, but what you should know is that they’ve grown up, and become gorgeous actresses and celebs who we’re pretty sure are going to replace the old generation. Not all of them are strictly Hollywood actresses, but the times are changing and our definition of what it takes to be a celebrity is changing rapidly. Let’s just say all of these beautiful young women have a pretty big following.

1. Maisie Williams
You might think of her as that kid from Game of Thrones, but she’s 19 now, and while she is famous for her role in GOT she has also branched out and appeared in other shows like Doctor Who. You can also see her in movies like The Falling and Cyberbully. She’s pretty incredible and we foresee a great future for her in Hollywood.