24 Makeup and Beauty Tips For Women Over 40, 50, 60

Makeup is a beloved form of art on the face, painted and prepared like a lovely canvas. But dabbling around in makeup is expensive, and knowing good ways to be the best version of adorned self-means knowing some cost, time, and product saving ways that allow you to have a slightly less pained wallet. These are 24 favorites, tested, and approved makeup tips, tricks, and hacks that should leave you glowing. Let’s begin with No#1:

1. Taped Eyeliner

A sharp eyeliner can be tricky to pull off if you aren’t a pro with it. For an easier time applying it, take a piece of regular tape and put it on your skin. Allow the tape to not be too sticky, and then place on the eye so when you pull it off it won’t tug at the skin. Angling it along where you want the eyeliner, try and create a clean line. It’s okay if it isn’t perfect, because when you pull it off just clean up the line with a cotton swab.