55 Epic perfectly timed photos

Maybe we’re early to announce it, but we believe this decade will be declared as the decade of popular photography. The world is changing, technology is evolving as fast as lightning, and suddenly any one has a camera in his pocket. Unlike a few years ago, today the cameras are small and compact. In the old days, taking a camera outside with you was considered a whole operation, and included making sure you have a new filmstrip, batteries, and the right lens. Today, most of the modern smart phones are capable of producing amazing high definition images like never before. You can change lenses with a finger swipe, zoom in and out and share your pictures instantly.

Perfectly timed photos are all about being at the right place at the right time and fast enough to pull out your camera, we mean, phone, and capture the situation. The most hilarious, brilliant and adorable moments out there happen pretty much everywhere and with all parts of our daily environment. From domestic pets, to the most mundane things, through sports and the greatest wonders of nature, these are the most epic perfectly timed photos out there that will trick your brains and ignite your appreciation of what’s humorous in life.