Donald Trump’s Movie and TV Cameos, Commercials Before He Became President


Donald Trump wants to present himself as the expert on The Art of the Deal – a book he co-wrote with Tony Schwartz. But Schwartz has since regretted writing the book for The Donald and actively campaigned against him on Twitter during the 2016 election calling him a “scared child”, and a narcissistic liar with a short attention span. He kept quiet though when Trump won and became president. Now, Trump is lording it all over the country the same way he was lording it all over television and movies doing cameos in the 80’s, 90s, and early 2000s as a real estate mogul who loves to ham it up for the cameras.

According to Matt Damon, Trump was really an expert in making a deal that would benefit him, his image and his company. If a movie production was to shoot in one of Trump’s buildings, the real estate mogul demanded that a part be written for him. Writers and directors would then create a scene for Trump, shoot it, but not include it in the final cut – anything just to get a permit from him including waste an hour of the day’s shoot. If you want to reminisce during the time life was simpler, Trump was not yet president but a mere trying-hard actor, and a McDonald burger was a mere dollar, sit back, relax, and read on. Also, feel free to weep in laughter or semi-regret.

Trump on The Jeffersons

It was 1985 and The Jeffersons’ episode titled “You’ll Never Get Rich” saw Trump in his first TV acting appearance. The Jeffersons is about a rich African American couple who move into a posh high-rise building. Trump’s presence in the show seems to be ironic considering his current stance on race and his reported requirement that tenants in his residential buildings be not black. In the show, Trump plays a celebrity that a character in the show fails to recognize. He appeared right before The Jeffersons was cancelled after nine episodes. It is also ironic that Trump was seen in an episode titled “You’ll Never Get Rich” when that seems to be the point of his existence.