Facts About America’s Got Talent


The America’s Got Talent is one of the biggest talent shows in the whole world. It has made lots of stars and given lots of talented people the opportunity to perform in front of the world and popular judges. Starting in 2006, Simon Cowell has been the judge and he still is. He is also the brain behind the show.

Here are some entertaining facts about the America’s Got Talent show.

  • It wasn’t originally supposed to be America’s Got Talent. The show was definitely an adaptation of the Britain’s Got Talent show in 2005 by Paul O’Grady. However, the TV station that was to broadcast the show ITV and Paul O’Grady split that year and the show could not go on. Later the next year, it was repackaged and presented as the spectacle that we now see in this day.

  • Not every episode of the America’s Got Talent is actually aired LIVE. Sometimes, up to twenty five percent of the times, the show was prerecorded and replayed. This is majorly because they have to fit in to every celebrity that comes on the show’s schedule. Other times very dangerous episode are also prerecorded to censor how much gore viewers see, if there is any in the act.
  • Joey Kola does the opening of the show the same way he does the opening of the Rachel Ray show. He riles up the crowd of more than five to six thousand people with some tactical call and response, to get them ready for the show. It is quite a difficult task, but he gets it done everytime.
  • At the first season, the first prize was supposed to come with a gig at a casino. Quite fun right? But for adults. This part of the winning prize had to be changed to a million dollars because anyone including minors, could win the show and a gig at a casino would definitely not be appropriate.
  • Although the winning prize is a million dollars, the winners never got a million dollars at once. They were either paid 25000 dollars early year for forty years, or given the current value of such an annuity, which may not be up to half a million after tax.

  • The producers have been accused by many contestants for partiality and cheating. They have been said to manipulate the performances of many people especially singers minute be they got to perform live. Some singers mentioned that their monitors were switched off during the performance so that they would not hear themselves and sound off key.
  • More controversy about the America’s Got Talent show says that the producers and talent scouts recruit literally every single participant that makes it to the top 20. None of them ever came from the open call auditions. Julienne Irwin claims that this is true because when she made it to the top twenty, she was the only one who had never been a professional performer and that did the open call auditions from the streets.

Although we enjoy the show and the acts, there are lots of things going on behind the scene that we don’t know of.