Fashion Week |August 2016


MAGIC las vegas fashion week dates

Magic Las Vegas

MAGIC Las Vegas is one of the largest market place for retailers.Almost every year in February and august eleven top most and unique community showcasing  the latest apparel, accessories, footwear, swimwear, and manufacturing. The retails industry convenes in Las Vegas to spot and shop the latest fashion trends in men’s, Women’s and children’s wear.        Magic Las Vegas fashion week trends magic-men-live-08

This fashion weak is on heights of fashion trends. Advanced luxury brands fuels the fashion industry.  MAgics gives you platform for your fashion. Magic fashion weak is comprised of Projects, THE TENTS, MRket, Vanguard’s gallery, THE COLLECTIVE, CERVENV, WWDMAGIC, accessories THE SHOW, PROJECT WOMEN’S, STITCH, CHILDREN’S CLUB, WSA@MAGIC, FOOT WEAR SOURCING AT MAGIC and SOURCING AT MAGIC.

New York Men’sNew York MEn's Fashion Week

The second largest fashion week heldin NewYork twice annually. where three types of communities are showcasing footwear, men’s apparel and accessories; Retailers from all around the world came in this fashion weak to shop this men wear.New York MEn's Fashion Week

Fashion changes every year so here are the big industry which holds this fashion all around the worldmany of the retailers took part in these fashion weeks in america and spread fashion all around the world in New York fashion week is comprised of PROJECTS, PROJECT SOLE and THE TENTS. these fashion week are the backbone of the whole fashion around the world these days.

New York Women’s + Children’s

New York Women’s + Children’s Fashion week is the back bone and leader in women’s +Children’s contemporary fashion weeks in New York. This fashion Week also held twice annually where many retailer from globally took part to spot and shop in this fashion week. This family show includes CHILDREN”S CLUBs NEW YOK, intermezzo Collection’s, TMRW, Accessorie Circuit, Solo Commerce and conterie. New York Women's + Children's

These fashion weeks are held in august, June and July. So be ready for these fashion weeks where luxury brands showcase their product for you and make you luxurious Ah! You should go check these brands yourself. Do not miss these fashion week and be a part of 2016 winter fashion collection. With 85 Years of experience and over 120 countries fashion collection Best Best Brands .