First Date Outfit No-Nos

Got the first date jitters? Not to worry, we know first dates can be extremely nerve-wrecking. What are you going to say? How is it going to go? Is he/she going to like me? The last thing you want to add to your list of worries is, “What should I wear?” Well, when it comes to wardrobe dos and don’ts, we’ve got you covered! Pay attention:

No New Heels


As tempting as it may be, stop yourself from wearing those brand new pair of heels. You know better than that. Heels take time to be broken in. And almost every time you wear new heels for the first time you end up teetering around, losing your balance and making yourself look silly. Stick to a pair of heels you have a proven track record with. Ones you know you won’t be falling with for now. You’ll thank us later!

Uncomfy Clothing


It’s safe to say that wearing a miniskirt that’s a little too short, or that sweater that makes you itch non-stop is a no go. You want to facilitate as comfortable an environment as possible on your first date so your true self can shine through. Fidgeting around with an uncomfortable piece of clothing will almost always cause the opposite. Stick to effortless pieces that don’t require constant attention.

Perfume Fountain


You definitely want to look and smell your best on a first date, but overdoing it with the perfume sprays is not the way to go. A subtle hint of perfume is alluring and sexy, overwhelming your date’s nostrils with excess perfume is not. Spray cautiously!

Mismatched Outfit and Venue


Making sure you dress for where you’re going is a must. You don’t want to be dressed black tie at a bowling alley or with a t-shirt and jeans at an upscale restaurant. Being over or underdressed is a sure fire way to make yourself feel uncomfortable. Communicate with your date beforehand and get a feel for the atmosphere of where the date will take place.