Gisele’s Olympic Surprise

As we all know the worlds most famous supermodel Gisele Bundchen played a small role in the 2016 opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Rio de janeiro, Brazil (her home country). Her appearance is has gotten even more attention now that that we saw her playing the part of someone who is being mugged, in order to demonstrate to the world the many problems Brazil is facing.

Gisele’s Acting Debut


Even before the opening ceremony took place, many people took to social media after one of the shows dress rehearsals, to reveal the role Bundchen will play in the televised ceremony that will be watched by 900 million people all over the world. Apparently she will start with a catwalk while The Girl From Ipanema plays in the background. Halfway through the robbers will confront her and later actors dressed as Brazilian police will come to her aid and chase the thieves away. This news has come out at the same time that the shows director, Leonardo Caetano said that although they do not have the same budget China and the UK had for their opening ceremonies, the Brazilian show will be based on “creativity and improvisation”

The Message Behind It


“For the world, it will be an updated view of what being Carioca, of being a Brazilian, is. An opportunity for the world to see the current results of our history and of our miscegenation Caetano told the BBC. He also mentioned that the they would be portraying Brazil’s history in a modern and dynamic way” and that they are avoiding “clichés and stereotypes”.

Gisele Wont Be The Only familiar face on stage…..

The Sun

Caetano also let it slip that Brazilian actress Fernanda Montenegro will have a small part to play and so will British actress Judi Dench. He did not go into detail about their roles but he did say that they have both agreed to read a very well known poem, the title of which he would not share. On a side note Brazilian born Victoria’s Secret angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima have announced they will be on reporting duty while for the length of the games.