How Greatest Showman soundtrack equalled Adele’s 21 album chart run


Adele’s record breaking album; 21 has found its match. The Greatest Showman soundtrack has been on top of the UK charts for as long as Adele’s epic album 21 was there. For eleven weeks straight, the recording of the Greatest Showman cast has been on the charts, beating Madonna’s The Immaculate collection and Ed Sheeran’s Divide.

However, how did an album of showtunes beat a portion of the world’s best artistes in the course of recent decades?

For the individuals who have not seen it, the film is about nineteenth Century circus entrepreneur PT Barnum, played by Hugh Jackman, assembling a large group of outcasts who wow the group to gain him heaps of cash.

The film itself was not the box office success its makers had sought after on its first weekend, rounding up a general estimate of $8.8m (£6.2m) in the US just before Christmas and £2.5m after Christmas in the UK.

Nonetheless, similar to PT Barnum’s circus, it was a moderate burner and tickets purchase expanded over its initial three weeks in cinema screens and, strangely, figured out how to remain enduring after that – notwithstanding snatching the UK’s best spot in its 6th week, in February.

The other December film to top the chart in February was Titanic, the second most noteworthy netting film ever.

The soundtrack was a quick success, shooting straight to number one on iTunes in 75 nations, including the UK, the US and Australia.

This Is Me, sung by Broadway artist Keala Settle, who plays a bearded woman, is one of the collection’s biggest hitters.

Composed by La la land musicians Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, as every one of the melodies seem to be, This Is Me won best original tune at the Brilliant Globes and was nominated for an Oscar.

Disney graduates Zac Efron and Zendaya have likewise been attracting audience members with their amazing two part harmony, Rework the Stars.

Music commentators have put the album’s prosperity down to the feel good, elevating pop tunes which are likewise old school at the same time.

It is likewise the first original music film in 20 years.

According to George Simpson, entertainment reporter at, said the presentation of sing-along showings has truly helped the collection’s popularity.

He revealed to Sky News: “The film came out on Boxing Day and it had a terrible opening week. I went along as I thought it looked fun in the limbo period – it was ok, reviews weren’t very good.” He also added that he would have rated the movies three stars based on his first encounter, but after a while, the film’s fame began to spread via the word of mouth, the old-fashioned way, despite the unfavorable reviews. Another reason its been so successful is on the grounds that it’s winter, people have the January blues, and all that is on are Oscar-type dramas. People needed to take the children to see something.

Although this movie; the Greatest Showman had first been regarded as a failure, it proved the reviews wrong by climbing up the charts, not just for movies, but also in the music category.