Interesting Facts About Hollywood Movies


How interesting do you think knowing some amazing things about popular world or industry could be? Find out by reading these interesting facts about the Hollywood industry.

The word “movies” from the beginning, did not mean films, but referred to the people who made the films. The people who lived in Hollywood used the word abusively to refer to the movie makers who came to ‘invade’ from the East.

1910 by D.W. Griffith was the first movie ever made in the history of Hollywood. It was shot within only two days. This film was made in Old California. It was a melodrama, although biographical, about a Marion Leonard (a Spanish maiden) who has a bastard son with governor of California before he got elected.

William Shakespeare is the most filmed William author, with straight film versions of his writings and more modern adaptations like, West Side Story (1961), The Lion King (1994), etc., and Shakespeare parodies.

Pornography seems to find its way into Hollywood movies no matter what the theme is. However, in 1933, a movie broke the norm and was shot without any real pornographic content, depicting a sex scene without pornography. This movie is Extase, starring Hedwig Kiesler (later) Hedy Lamarr.

The first nude scene in a major motion picture was in ‘A Daughter of the Gods’. The movie was shot in 1916 and it showed a nude video of the actress, Annette Kellerman while she was swimming.

Hollywood refused to fund Charlie Chaplin’s movie where he mocked Hitler because they were afraid of the consequences and of losing money for taking a stand concerning Hitler. Chaplin had to make the film with his own money.

Frank Sinatra alone, has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One for film, one for music and one for television. Although every actor has to pay a sum of $30,000 to his or her star in the Walk of fame.

The Hollywood-sign which shines bright day and night was lit by thousands of light bulbs in the 1920s. A man was employed to replace the burnt light bulbs, no matter how many they are, so he had to live in a cabin very near to the sign.

The major reason behind Hollywood becoming the center of filmmaking is that at the early days of moviemaking, producers were sued by Thomas Edison’s company in New Jersey, and they were asked to stop their productions. They had to move West; to Hollywood to escape this enforcement.

Capitol Records’ building was built with a light on the top of it spelling out the word ‘HOLLYWOOD’ in Morse code. This is the way it has been since the building opened in 1956 till date.

The legendary Hollywood producer Hal Roach, whenever he had a writer’s block, would employ the service of either a mad person or a drunk to think out of the box and give him crazy ideas. He called the person in this post a “wildie”

Hollywood has a history filled with lots of interesting facts. If we go in to explore all of the interesting and unusual facts, we would not have the time and space to discuss them.