Interesting Facts About The Grammy Awards


There is no other award that can stand the great respect that the Grammy Awards receive in the category of highly respected award shows in the music industry. A nomination for a Grammy award is often considered career success for any artiste in the music industry. The Grammy awards have assumed a position of ‘dreams coming true’ in this industry.   Although the Grammy Awards are in their 58th year and it seems like there isn’t much to say about it anymore, there are still some very interesting facts about the award show that you may not have heard from anyone or seen anywhere. Here are some interesting facts about the Grammy Awards.

Original Name

The Grammy Awards were originally called the Gramophone Awards. It pretty much explains the gramophone award given to the winners.

Youngest Artist Winner

The record for being the youngest artiste to have won a Grammy award ever is held by LeAnn Rimes. She was only fourteen years old when she became the owner of two Grammy awards. This was in 1997.

Michael Jackson Boycott

Although, Michael Jackson’s album which he released in 1980 was one of his very successful albums, this album didn’t receive a Grammy award. The album, ‘Off The Wall’, which was expected to have qualified for an Album of the Year nomination didn’t receive the nomination not to talk of winning the award.


Most times, producers are responsible for the hit, but the artiste gets the award. So, for a sort of compensation, the producers of the songs get a Grammy participation certificate. Although the artiste gets the Grammy gramophone.

Grammy Award Refusal

There has been only one award refusal in the fifty eight years of Grammy awards. The only artiste to have rejected a Grammy award is Sinead O’Connor. The award she won was for Best New Artist, but she said she thinks the Grammy awards are too commercialized, so she refused to accept the one given to her. This is a big deal because every artiste dreams to receive a Grammy award, but she then rejected hers, despite her being a new artiste.

Record Breaking Ratings

The Grammy Awards Show comes second on the list of the most watched award shows in the world, with the Academy Awards on top of the list.

Gospel Awards

In the history of Grammy awards, in the Gospel section, Elvis Presley is the only artiste to have won three Grammy Awards in the same category and in the same season of the show.

Most Nominated But Never A Winner

When many people are nominated for awards, only one of them is expected to win, but when the same person is nominated over and over, we could expect that such a one wins at least once. However, in the history of Grammy awards, Brian McKnight and Snoop Dogg have both been nominated sixteen times but they have never won a Grammy.

Presidential Award Winners

There are only three of the presidents of the United states of America that have ever won Grammy Awards. They are Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

There are more facts about the Grammy awards that are not commonly known, but that are there and this historical facts are being made every year. However, it doesn’t seem like it would stop coming, because Grammy awards cannot stop happening.