Kylie Jenner Debuts A New Cosmetic Product Inspired By Her Daughter


If you are a fan of TV series and an active social media person, you sure would know who Kylie Jenner is. Engaged to Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner actually never announced her pregnancy nor their expectation of aa baby. Anyways, as a celebrity, you don’t have to say anything about your life because a whole lot of persons are monitoring you and giving the whole world a constant auto biography of your day to day activities. This can only be expected of a person like Kylie Jenner and the Kardashians.  Many blogs, paparazzi and entertainment news platforms had been posting about her baby bump before it was even obvious enough to see. Kylie Jenner however gave a few indirect hints on her pregnancy, but didn’t declare. Although many of such predictions end up being wrong and some turn out to be right, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy happens to be one of the few valid information that circulates the social media without proper sources. As you must have heard, after leaving the whole public and social media in a bit of confusion about her pregnancy, the 20-year-old reality TV star, Kylie Jenner is a mother! She had successfully brought to life a beautiful baby girl; the new wonder to her and her boyfriend; Travis Scott, in the early days of February 2018.

Kylie explains in a video she posted on her Instagram story, that she has been working on a new Kylie Cosmetics product all through her pregnancy. She had been posting a couple of new cosmetic pictures; phone cases and other products on her social media pages. She said her hard work over this new product collection has been solely inspired by her daughter, especially after her name; Stormie, was chosen. Sources show us that she had been planning this for so long and had had her daughter’s name picked and even trademarked months before she was pregnant.

As she always does, she modeled the collection that includes make-up bags (containing eyeshadow palettes, glitter eyeshadows, lip gloss, highlighter and matte lipsticks). The Weather collection (which she also revealed on social media with this hashtag – #WeatherCollection) gives a thumbs up and acknowledgement to Stormie, her daughter who is just three weeks old. She named quite a lot of the individual shades of the palettes after her daughter Stormie. Some of them are the ‘Calm Before the Storm’ and ‘Eye of the Storm’, amongst the others which she had named ‘Sunshine’, ‘Violet Moon’, ‘True Love’, ‘Northern Light’, ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Starbaby’, ‘Little Wonder’, and ‘Heaven Sent’. She named the lip sticks; ‘pitch-black Nightfall’, ‘Rosey Nova’ and ‘Nude Cosmic’.

Sources which include Kylie’s own twitter post have assured us that she is doing very fine and so is her baby. She has also revealed that Stormie looks exactly like her when she was a baby. The new mother has declared that the launch of this brand and new collection is one of the best things that has happened to her and that she is very happy about it.