Modeling Myths That May Affect Your Confidence

Modern times in modeling are really changing, and a lot of information being circulated in the past is becoming false. Below are some modeling myths to keep you more informed and confident in your modeling career.

You need to be size zero

This may have been valid in the past where a skinny person was easily identified to be a model. Today the business is changing, and there is, indeed, an excellent market for plus size models and variety of sizes is acknowledged. Most of the top modeling agencies have acknowledged that curvy models are in demand and appeal to the market.

You have to be very tall

There may be strict height requirements for high fashion and runway modeling that is still set up, but, most other categories ranging from print, catalog, commercial and other platforms are more open to short heights. Nowadays, there is a modeling category called petite, meant for the shorter heights. It is likewise not difficult to break into high fashion, seeing the case of Kate Moss who was one of the first models to break into to the Supermodel world with a height around 5’6 inches. As long as you remain passionate about the industry, you can see tremendous achievement being a model.

You are too old for modeling

Have you ever heard of a mature or senior modeling? Truly, age isn’t a barrier for modeling! Anybody can be a model as far as you have the commitment and energy to partake and have a good life, modeling is for you.

You have to take professional photographs beforehand

If you have the cash and time for it, sure go ahead. However, it’s not an absolute necessity. Organizations don’t expect you to be a pre-made model with all the experience and professional photos in place. What they are searching for is a new face that has a good attitude to grow into an expert that will sign on with the organization for as long as possible. For beginners, your mobile phone quality cameras will be enough for signing up.

It is very easy to be rich and famous

This is an extremely common error. Many people who read vogue magazines or watch Victoria’s Secret runway believe that modeling is not more than that. Well yes, but achieving those standards won’t be an overnight trick. For a start, you will have to invest energy and time in building your reputation and a good track record. Once people begin to recognize you and trusts in your potential, you will begin to get steady and good income.