Stars Who Got Dumped While Pregnant


Celebrity relationships are dramatic enough without getting a kid involved, but when you add celebrity offspring into the mix, it sometimes gets even worse. If you think having a kid will save a romance, think again. These stars split up while expecting.

Christina Milian and The-Dream

Christina Milian and The-Dream split up just nine days before the birth of their daughter, Violet. TMZ reported the producer filed for divorce on Feb. 17, 2010. Violet was born Feb. 26, 2010. However, the public apparently didn’t know about the split until that July. The breakup was ugly: in a missive on his own website (via People), The-Dream claimed he was so distraught over the failed marriage that he tried taking his own life. Before the split was even announced, he dished in interviews that he didn’t help out much raising the little girl.

TMZ reported that Milian accused The-Dream of cheating on her and claimed the only reason she signed their initial divorce forms was because he presented them to her when she was nine months pregnant and in no condition to put her John Hancock on paperwork. Thankfully, the exes reportedly reached an amicable agreement by November 2010.