The Scandalous Affairs Of The British Royal Family

The British royal family is known for its class, elegance and grace. It's also known for its long history of insane scandals, ranging from affairs, bribery, and fantasies involving tampons. Here are our top 10 scandalous affairs of the British royal family.

10. James Hewitt

  james-hewitt-and-prince-harry Hewitt was an officer in the British Army. during his stint in the household cavalry, he carried on a 5-year affair with the princess. In a 1995 interview with the TV show, Panaroma, Diana admitted to having committed adultery with Mr. Hewitt. The former soldier looks remarkably like Prince Harry, which has led to most of the world believing that he is, in fact, Harry’s real father.

9. Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt_Chamberlain Lady Diana had a 2-year affair with legendary basketball player, Wilt Chamberlain. It started off innocently enough, Diana, a huge basketball fan, would go to games and mingle with the players as any royal fan of the NBA would. But one fateful night, Wilt asked Diana if she wanted to go see his favorite water-fountain with him, a smitten Diana accepted. For years, Diana would meet in secret with Wilt, and she would often walk with a cane for days after their encounters.  

8. Stephen Hawking

stephen-hawking-smartypants-1024x681 Princess Diana had a brief affair with brilliant theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking. They met while she was attending the annual monster truck  show held on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, of which he is the grand marshal. Diana was first drawn to his intellect, but soon found the man to exude a Travolta-like sexuality that drew her to him like a moth to a flame.

7. Bill Cosby

bill-cosby-rape-1024x1287 This affair wasn’t exactly consensual, but nonetheless it happened.  We thought should mention...

6. Prince Philip

Prince-Philip Lady Diana had an affair with Queen Elizabeth’s husband. Everyone knows about the rumors of Prince Philip having an unusually large member. Diana, unable to deny her voracious sexual appetite no matter how dangerous, just had to know. Speculations that the Queen had something to do with her death lead back to this very fact.

5. Katlego Jojo

african-tribesman-1024x1368 During one of her famous charity trips to Africa, Diana met a tribesman named Katlego “Bradley” Jojo. Jojo went on to kidnap the princess so she could face trial in his village. During the trial, Jojo came to love the blonde devil and rescued her from the peril that he himself put her in. But not before a passionate night of love-making in his tribal condo/hut.

4. Brendan Fraser

brendan-fraser-e1417470516192 Diana and Brendan met at a swanky Hollywood party thrown by Martin Lawrence. By that time, the princess was in the middle of her divorce to Prince Charles and was going through a “wild” phase, in which she was known to have been cavorting with American celebrities. During this period she actually wrote the first draft of the movie “George of the Jungle,” which Brendan went on to star in.

3. Dolph Lundgren

HeManDolph He is a scientist, a thespian, an athlete, and a scholar. As the apex of human evolution, Mr. Lundgren could have virtually any woman he wants, and want Diana he did. She was putty in his hands as he whisked her away to his summer home in Barbados and made exquisite love to her for days.

2. Richard Karn

tool-time The two met in one of the Hollywood-heavyweight  parties she frequented at the time. Lady Diana was then carrying on an affair with Brendan Fraser, but Richard, who is known as a shameless playboy, went up to her and asked “do you need me to look under your sink?” That’s all it took. Diana was smitten by the cavalier man in flannel, and the two carried on a year-long affair.

1. David Spade

david-spade-joe-dirt-1024x576 David Spade has slept with almost every single famous woman you’ve ever heard of. Princess Diana was no exception.