Tv Shows That Ended Too Soon


Let’s go down memory lane, reminding ourselves of the most amazing shows that have been aired on TV, but that left too early. We all love to continue to see our favourite TV shows, regardless of the resolution. Since it’s scripted, something new could have been introduced, or so we thought. Not withstanding, we still hold on dear to the fact that these shows were truly amazing and we’d love to have them back.

CBS: JERICHO – This show had to be ended twice. When it was first ended, the fans were so dissatisfied that they went out of their way to make sure it came back. Well, it did, but only ended after another season. The TV show lasted for only two years between 2006 and 2008. It was set around the city of Jericho in Kansas, after a nuclear attack on the city. The lovers of this show kept sending peanuts to the CBS office until the shows was brought back. After the break in transmission, about 40000 pounds of peanut had been sent to the CBS office.

ABC: PUSHING DAISIES – This show that lasted for 2 seasons only stayed on air for two years between 2007 and 2009. The story was about ‘Ned’ being able to bring things back to life with a single touch. It was a different storyline and both the critics and audience loved it. However, the show did not gain as much audience as it deserved. To make things even worse, the writers strike occurred while it was still in production, which led to its abrupt end.

HBO: HUNG – The series about a family man who decides to go into male prostitution to keep his head above the water and save his standard of living. The show was not just entertaining, it actually addressed issues that many Americans had could relate to in the time of depression.

NBC: STUDIO 60 ON SUNSET STRIP – This was a show within a show, highlighting the entertaining and purposefully funny parts of the show’s creator. It was a comedy skit within a comedy show. Although this show was amazing and widely appreciated by fans and critics, it got sucked up by “30 ROCKS”. Nonetheless, the show received many award nominations including the Golden Globe.

HBO: ENLIGHTENED – This show was loved by its viewers and it got award nominations, but still had to stop due to low ratings. The main act in the series, Laura Dern, won a Golden Globe for her performance in the movie.

SHOWTIME: DEAD LIKE ME – This amazing show had to end only after five episodes. A story about a mid-aged woman who died and became a “grim reaper”, collecting people’s souls and leading them to the afterlife. Unfortunately, the creator of the TV series left after the fifth episode, which also led to the end of the show.

There will definitely be a ton of shows to pick from if we were given the chance to bring them back. However, they were good old times.