Ballet: As A Fitness Sport



Ballet is a form of classic dancing art that can also be considered as the sport due to its hidden fitness aspects. The training of the classical ballet involves the components of physical fitness like the healthy physiological composition, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength and to larger extent flexibility. The more you can stretch; more you can give your muscles an edge to grow stronger. The flexibility is the key role in this form of sport and to add more, as you are frequently moving and are physically active, it can also help you to burn your extra fat and lean mass and makes you feel light and energetic.

It provides you with an efficient neural response due to dynamic and balanced co-ordination system. Moreover, it can also provide you with strength, power, and agility. It is the multi functioning sport as in this you are running, stretching, bending, skipping and above all you are doing all this with complete peace of mind on the rhythm of heart touching music. It is a form of sport in which you are balancing on your feet and on your toes for which you should have a sound coordination between your mind and body so that you can lift your weight. The ballerinas are considered to be the most active of all sports person due to their coordinated body moves that are fully under control of their motor system.

Apart from the coordination, it boosts up the metabolic system so it can further undergo both physiological and hormonal changes to store a sound homeostatic and healthy environment in the body. It increases the heart and breathing rate which can stimulate the circulating blood system and cause an efficient blood flow towards the brain and other body parts. Due to this fact, the essential hormones and minerals are transported readily to their targeted site which can then, on the whole, helps in the healthy internal environment of the body.

Ballet can also assist in providing the flexibility, agility, endurance, strength and power to the muscular system and makes them durable and efficient in their work. The ballet dancers are adamant at their feet and the leg muscles as a result. It is a fact that the more you use your body part; more it will grow and work efficiently. Hence the muscles and legs of the bones are stronger, and the process of bone deposition and absorption is quite efficient providing a good bone health.

Some ballet techniques incorporate the usage of harness which is the source of providing strength to the bones and muscles of arms and upper body. It provides strength and agility and also helps in the growth of long bones of the body. The flexibility given by this sport saves us from any bone damage or fracture and opens our body towards the elastic side of it by reducing the strain present in the muscles. What else can be said for this incredible form of art that is not a source of fun but also provides us with physical fitness and strength that we long for…