Floor Exercises to Tone the Body


We stand with both legs to one side and try to keep your back straight. We will also support the hands on the ground and thus maintain the posture. Exercises to tone the body1Initially we inspire and gently carry the weight of the body on the other side by a small movement from the spine, breathe in and out. We will do these exercises after warming up and have stretched a bit. Exercises to tone the body2Breathe in we breathe out and open the side arm. This time we bring the arm up.

floor exercises

Mobilize column sideways:

We lay aside make a triangle with the arm, trunk and floor. We rely on an arm while with the other we will lower it and upload it. Exercises to tone the body 4We stand in the same position but in this case, we make a rotation but without putting your hand. We as a circle with arm lie we rely on the other and maintain the triangle.

Mobilize the column back:

Exercises to tone the cuerpo5We sat down, flex the legs , we’ll cross your hands and put them behind the thigh. That is, the right hand behind the thigh of the left leg and vice versa. Exercises to tone the cuerpo6Then let’s open legs and finally, breathe in gently forward and back with the belly in and always maintaining body alignment.

Green Tea

Green tea is a popular plant that helps to control and reduce weight. It has interesting stimulant, diuretic and biolytic properties. On the one hand stimulates thermogenic activity ie, helps us to burn more calories and secondly, reduces the absorption of lipids.

The Dandelion is a medicinal plant from which leaves and root exploit natural remedies as a diuretic, it contributes to the normal maintenance of the urinary system, helping to eliminate fluids. Stands out for its diuretic properties against fluid retention and improve circulation against cellulite and orange peel.

Slimming plants algae focus

Focus is an alga that provides the vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which promote nutrient metabolism. It is used as an adjunct in weight control diets for its mucilage content that cause a decreased appetite