Iphone7 specs, new leaks and released dates


iPhone 7 specs
iPhone 7 rumors and news leaks

If you have a iPhone 6s in your hand with the great 3 D golden touch but don’t be patient for iPhone 7 because in this article we gives you the details of iPhone 7 and also gives you iPhone 7 releasing date details.

Apple is working on the iPhone 7 we don’t spoil that but we gives you much information for your new iPhone 7.

iPhone New design and casing

Every body knows that apple company has its own trend to make a new design and new look to their phone but the rumors indicate that new look of iPhone 7 is really very interesting and iPhone 7 has metallic body with lots of new features. Rumors also indicates that iPhone 7 has a water resistance metallic looks. The Wall street journal said that iPhone 7 sports water resistance than Apple’s current corp. It is reported that catcher’s technologies supply Apple water resistance technology for iPhone 7.

Wireless charging

In presentation at China, five iPhones tested and lots of new features was presented there one of them is wireless charging. Now iPhone will enabled with wireless charging facility to its users.

Finger print recognition

Previously Apple was working on wireless charging as well as finger print recognition but in iPhone 7 rumors indicates that this technology is now public for Apple users. Finger print recognition on display is really very great and security issues are much lesser than before.

USB type C connector

USB Type-c connector is another useful technology used in iPhone 7 which is really useful for its users at any place. Reporters does not give much information for this technology.

Lack of Headphone Jack

According to wall street journal in mid June that iPhone 7 won’t bring huge changes but lack of head phones jack may be possible which make this phone much slimmer and more water resistive than before.

Size of iPhone 7

Analyst Ming chi Kuo said that iPhone 7 will be thinnest yet between 6 to 6.5 mm the thickness is same like iPad Air 2 .This size of iPhone 7 is thinnest of all its generations.

Removal of Plastic Antenna

In February Mac rumors hinted Apple will remove the plastic antenna inserts across the iPhone body, Although it sizes edges remains.

Iphone 7 Start With 32 GB Storage

iPhone based a model with 16 GB storage but breaking the historical precedent the new model came with double the storage .Chinese social network Weibo believed that iPhone 7 with 256 GB San disk internal Flash module which is really very interesting if it is like that.