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Horizon hobby Chroma

Chroma $ Rotters Helicopter Drone

The new Drone launched by the Horizon hobby is a great Drone that won’t Break the new Technology used in this drone. you never seen the name of unit 3DR or DJi. This Gadget works lots on the table.

No Flight Delays

Chroma is the only gadget which has no need of any type of smart phone or tablet to fly, Once it is out of the box and it ready to fly.The features used by this machine is really very interesting like this machine have a RC touch screen. Which enables you to save images or video and the load to an external device. This gadget also provide 4K Camera and gimbal for extra smooth video and person feed back to RC.

Chroma Drone Flight View Chroma Drone Flight View

Flying the Chroma is really a breeze because of it’s brush less motors used in it. This machine is really stable and effortless. This gives a smooth Fly for your Video. There is a one Down Side of chroma is that this machine communicate 800 feet from its RC but we can fly chroma smoothly without signal loss in this range.

The Chroma has multidimensional Camera in it and you can make video with it about 270 Degrees. Four rotters gives you smooth Fly and you can control this gadget in multi directions .

Chroma has a stand which prevent this from any type of breakage .You can also make video while standing chroma on a smooth surface due to its stand. An up side uplift is fitted for the users to lift this gadget easily and where the want to take of.

This machine is really very amazing features and a battery life time if about 1 to 1.5 hours which is extremely awesome feature of this Drone.


If you think you want to fly in a budget than this gadget is fit for you the Price of chroma is extremely in your budget. The price of chroma is only 800$. You can buy or shipped this machine from Amazon