Snapchat’s Newest Endeavor: Eye-Popping Camera Glasses


Snapchat, or as they are known today “Snap”, announced Saturday their efforts to produce sunglasses that take videos through a built-in camera in the frame.

How it Works

Snap’s Spectacles let users take 10-second videos by tapping a button on the top left-hand corner of the eyeframe. Users can tap on the record button to record another 10-second segment. They can record videos up to 30 seconds long in all. The videos can then be stored locally or transmitted over WiFi or Bluetooth to Android and iOS devices. They can also run for one full day on a charge and are recharged by placing them in their case. Nifty!

So Where Can I Get Snap’s Spectacles?

The specs will be available later this year for $130, including the case. The glasses will be offered in black, teal, and coral. “There’s a huge audience of Snapchat users who want to share what they see and do live with people very quickly and, hopefully, these Spectacles will deliver on that experience,” said Ramon Llamas, a research manager at IDC.

Snap Spectacle vs. Google Glass


The device may remind of you Google Glass that was a similar product introduced earlier. The glasses saw Google no shortage of trouble however. The headgear stirred strong opposition from privacy groups. Some bars, restaurants and other businesses serving the public banned them. Some users were even violently accosted. It’s safe to say that Snap Spectacles will encounter the same amount of backlash from privacy advocates.