Solar Impulse 2 Aircraft Circumnavigation of Earth


Solar impulse 2 Wallpaper

Solar Impulse 2 was a Swiss airplane working with sunlight Started to built in 2011. First engineers construct this plane and estimated time for this plane was 2013 but due to some constructive  failure This plane was fully constructed in 02 June 2014.


The wingspan of solar Impulse 2 is 71.9 m. This craft is made up of carbon fiber and with the non pressurized cockpit. This aircraft used advance avionics and auto pilot features for multi flights on earth as well as oceans.

Solar impulse 2 interior

Circumnavigation of Earth

Due to delayed in it’s construction work solar impulse 2 was sent to Dubai for flight in 2015 instead of 2012.And this aircraft begins its journey at 9 march 2015. It was scheduled to return on same place in august 2015. The Route followed by the solar impulse 2 is in the northern hemisphere . There are twelve Stops were planned for its route.

The best and the most amazing part of the plane journey is that this plane fight for 4 to 5 days and nights on pacific ocean. During this journey on pacific pilots stood up and take some Yoga for blood circulation in the body. At the end of the May 2015, plane was traversed Asia. This made journey schedule and stop at Japan await for favorable weather. The Air craft began it’s flight from  Japan to Hawaii. This flight duration was a record for solo Flights. During this flight batteries were damaged due to Overheating and company made order for new batteries. A awesome weather comes and plane resumed it’s journey on April and landed at California. During this journey first time they talk with video links and said that how are fighting with Global warming issues. Solar Impulse 2 Flight for Phoenix ,Arizona, Tulsa, Oklahoma,Dayton, Ohio, Lehigh Valley, and New York city Arrived at June 2016.

Piccard Piloted the Solar Pulse 2 across the whole Atlantic ocean arriving in Seville, Spain 23 June 2016. Solar pulse 2 next landed at Cairo, Egypt on July 13, 2016. Now the total number of stops estimated by the schedule planners are 17. This Solar aircraft only left one flight to Dubai as last Flight where the plane took off from. We hope that this plane should cover his Final destination made a history.