These Characters Were Killed Off Because Of The Actor’s Behavior


For the most part, characters in film and television series are killed off to drive the plot forward. It’s rare that characters are killed off for no reason at all. But sometimes, characters are killed to get rid of the actor playing the role. Whether they are involved with feuds with their castmates, disrespecting the creators, or are just unlikeable, it’s not uncommon for the creators to have them fired and written out of the show by killing their character. Take a look and see if some of your favorite on-screen characters were killed with a purpose or because the creators of the show wanted them gone.

Two actors had their characters killed off on Lost for the same reason.

Charlie Sheen Leaving Two and a Half Men Was Long Overdue

Charlie Sheen is a celebrity with a past full of addiction and public meltdowns. So it wasn’t surprising that his character Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men was killed off at the beginning of season 9. Along with Sheen’s wild antics, it was his negative comments about the series producer and creator Chuck Lorre finally led to him being fired from the show. At the beginning of season 9, his death is reported by his lover Rose who said he was killed after being hit by a train. This way, Sheen’s body didn’t even have to be in the casket but instead, just a bowling shirt and pair of cargo shorts.