Unveiling Google’s Virtual Reality Headset

The newest addition to the Google product family is the Daydream View, a virtual reality headset unlike any other on the market today. It’s sleek design, look, feel and price point make it the perfect VR headset to appeal to the masses.

The Reveal


Google unveiled the long awaited headset and its hyped up hardware event in San Francisco. Until now there had only been concepts and line drawings, but now we got the chance to see and play with their new Daydream VR lineup. The $80 headset is extremely light, flexible, and even plushy. There are no cables involved and it doesn’t take an hour to setup like its counterparts on the market.

How it Works


When you insert a “Daydream Ready” phone into the headset’s cradle, the two devices recognize each other through NFC and automatically pair. They also automatically orient to one another, a huge improvement upon existing models. Daydream interaction occurs through the controller, a tiny pebble-like device that is reminiscent of the tiny Apple TV candy bar and the Wiimote. The controller features a trackpad and two buttons, but the motion sensors inside are what really give it power.

Content Playground


Without apps, the headset is no good, so Google also announced an app store full of content for Daydream. Many of Google’s existing services work in virtual reality for example, YouTube and Google Play. You can watch VR content in VR, and everything else from the comfort of your personal (virtual) movie theater. Street View works on the platform in similar ways, as does Google Photos. And if Google doesn’t have it, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others are all Daydream-ready too.