4 Health Issues Caused By Stress


Everyone get stressed, but stress can do more than just make you feel tired. However, it is not abnormal to feel stressed or fatigued. It is even abnormal not to. Although, stress makes us feel sick and tired, it can actually get us very ill. There are many illnesses and or or health conditions that are caused solely by stress. Not just that, it can aggravate any other health issues that you may already have. This may already begin to stress you out, but you probably need the information in this article like any other important thing in life. Stress situations that are not taken care of are usually very dangerous for the health. This is why you must pay attention so your health especially when you are stressed. The rat race in the world is really pushing people to do so much and have little time to rest. So, stress is common to most people, which makes the content of this article priceless.

STRESS CAN CAUSE HEART DISEASES – Stress causes abnormal increases in the heart rate and also influences the amount of blood pumped into the blood stream. This increases the amount of triglyceride and cholesterol pumped into the blood stream which increases the number of risks the heart is exposed to. Medical practitioners have advised in time past and are still saying it that people who have the risk of heart problems should stay away from tedious activities that can caused stress as much as they can. Emotional problems/stress are also known to cause heart/cardiac problems.

IT CAN CAUSE ASTHMA – If a person already has asthma, they must try to not get stressed out often because it can heighten the condition and make things really worse. Also, pregnant women who work too much or get stressed out too often are most likely to give birth to a child with an asthmatic condition.

STRESS CAN ALSO CAUSE DIABETES – One common thing about being stressed and tired is hunger. We sometimes just want to eat something or drink something, and most times, we go for the very sweet and sugary things. Recurring stress soon turns this into a habit, a bad habit. Before you know it, you would have eaten so much sugar and might have gotten addicted to it. This can lead to a diabetic condition. Also, blood sugar levels are high in situations of constant stress which generally increases the risk of diabetes.

STRESS IS A MAJOR CAUSE OF DEPRESSION – Depression and anxiety is probably the most common condition in this category. People generally get frustrated and antisocial when they are stressed. If this is recurrent, it graduates into cases of depression and anxiety. Research has also shown that people who are consistently stressed from daily work are more prone to depression by 80% than other persons who do not work a very stressful job.

Stress also causes many other health problems like obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, severe headaches and migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, quick aging and even death. This is not something to take lightly. Please pay attention to your stress levels and try to reduce the stress.