Health Benefits Of Chewing Gum


Chewing gum? Benefits? Really? Well, yes. Chewing gum does have its own benefits. If it doesn’t the food regulations companies or institutions should have banned their production and consumption. Against popular beliefs, chewing gum has some really intriguing health benefits. These benefits are highlighted and discussed in the body of this article below.

Chewing gum enhances mental performance

Lots of studies have proven that chewing gum actually has an effect on mental activities such as concentration, memory and response to stimuli. Chewing continuously, which is done during gum chewing, causes blood to flow into the brain more than usual. This in turn also increases the amount of oxygen sent to the brain by thirty to forty percent. More oxygen in the brain means enhanced cognitive functions in the brain. Hence, chewing gum enhances the cognitive functions of the brain, including concentration and retention.

Chewing gum can help you stay alert and awake

You would hardly see a person sleeping or dozing while they chew gum. This is because they help to stimulate nerves responsible for keeping one awake and alert, in the brain. You can politely chew gum to stay awake at work, especially if it is the night shift. You can also stay up to read with a gum or be alert in public while you chew gum.

Chewing gum can also reduce stress and anxiety

It had been proven by series of research results that chewing gum reduces stress and anxiety. If you are anxious about something, you can help yourself by chewing gum to get your mind off it. Sometimes, chewing gum could be a better ‘anxiety bad habits’ unlike chewing nails or having shaky legs, because it is not something that you do because you are anxious, but because it helps to reducing the anxiety.

Chewing gum takes care of the tooth

This is probably the most unbelievable health benefit of chewing gum because it is believed that chewing gum causes our tooth to decay. However, chewing gum actually takes care of the teeth, especially when it is a sugarless gum. Medicine recommends that one chews a sugarless gum few minutes after eating to get rid of plaque and food remnants in the mouth and stuck between diastema. Chewing gum also prevents cavities, gingivitis, and promotes the enamel of each tooth. However, the myth may be true if you only chew sugary gums because the sugar can contribute to the acid that causes decay on the tooth.

Chewing gum gets rids of bad breath

This would pass as the most popular benefit of chewing gum. All kinds of chewing gum can get rid of bad breath, but some kinds can do it better. Research has it that chewing gum made from some kinds of plant oil does more than other types of gum in taking care of bad breath. It also kills bacteria in the mouth and in turn, gets rid of bad breath.

Chewing gum has both positive and negative sides, so one must be cautious when consuming gum.