Home Remedies For Fever


It is always advisable to get a physician’s consent and approval before you administer any treatment to yourself or anyone in cases of illnesses. However, if the illness is not extreme and you know the a few medically approved home remedies, you may want to administer them as first aid. This article is written to provide various home remedies for fever, which seems common and may not necessarily need the attention of a professional. You will find these remedies below.

1.       Have a bath in water that is neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. This should contribute immensely to bringing your temperature down. When your temperature is high and you are having a fever, do not try to bring it down with cold water. The human body is sensitive to temperature and is made to defend itself from adverse conditions. If you bath with cold whatever when you temperature is high, you will force your body to send blood into your various internal organs, causing more harm and the fever will only increase. This is because your body will try to defend itself from the adverse cold from the cold water, and will generate heat within your body.

2.       Wash the parts of your body that seem hotter with a sponge. These places include your groin or your armpit. You can use cool water while sponging, but make sure it is not cold.

3.       Dampen some short washcloths and place them on your neck and your forehead. This will also help you reduce the fever.

4.       Make a cup of yarrow tea and drink it. This tea, like other herbs, will open the pores on your skin and also trigger sweat. This sweat is often regarded as the sign that the fever is close to its end. To brew this tea, put a tablespoon of herb in a cup of boiled water (freshly boiled)and leave it for ten minutes before drinking. Do not drink it hot.

5.       Use elderflower to make a tea and drink. This herb is very effective for flu, excessive discharge of mucus, colds, etc., and it also works for fever. To make the tea, mix two full teaspoons of the herb in a cup of freshly boiled water and leave for up to fifteen minutes.  Drink after you have strained out the herb. You can drink this tea thrice daily until there is no more sign of the fever.

6.       Pepper also work effectively for fever. You can add cayenne pepper you every of your meals when you have fever. It helps your blood circulate more effectively and its hotness will make you sweat.

7.       You can also draws blood to the feet (and reduce fever) by soaking a pair of cotton socks in cold water, wring them and wearing them to bed. Then, wear a pair of dry socks on the wet one and enjoy your sleep. This increase blood circulation and drastically reduces fever.

It cannot be overemphasized that one must visit a clinic or at least consult a physician before the administering of any medication of treatment to a ill person. We have to be careful even as we try to handle the minimal health issues we have at home.