How To Quickly Relieve Cold


Cold is one of the most annoying illnesses or symptoms that most people experience. It could make you feel so miserable and also stop you from being productive at anything you try to do. There are many various remedies for cold that may even confuse the one with the cold. However, as many of them work, many of the do not work. This article will bring your attention to those remedies that are very effective and easy to get.

LIQUID – This is probably the easiest, most effective way to deal with cold. Although not all liquid drinks are effective. Alcoholic drinks or beverages, caffeinated beverages or coffee are to be strongly avoided because they will make the situation worse by dehydrating you even more. However, drinks like water, juice, warm mixture of honey and lemon will hydrate you and clear up the congestion.

REST – This works for almost everything, but not all. Colds are not exempted from the list of things rest can handle. Stay away from stress and work, lie down, close your eyes and ease into the atmosphere.

SALT WATER THERAPY – Put half or quarter of a teaspoonful of salt in warm water and gaggle with it. This can solve dissolved congestion in the throat and temporarily stop the distress of a sore throat. Children below 6 years may not be able to use this remedy because they may not be able to gargle properly.

SALINE NASAL DROPS/SPRAY – You can get saline nasal drops over-the-counter and apply them by putting drops of the nasal drop into one nostril and using a bulb syringe to suction the nostril gently. Do not force the syringe in and do not let it go too deep into the nose. It should not go deeper than twelve millimeters.

WARM LIQUID – Many cultures across the world use this method of sipping hot soup to remedy cold. However, it doesn’t have to be soup. Warm apple juice or warm tea can also help in easing the congestion and allowing the mucus to flow.

MOISTURIZE THE ENVIRONMENT – When you add some moisture to the atmosphere, you make it naturally easy to free up the congestion. You can do this with a vaporizer or a humidifier. One thing to make sure of is that it is clean and the moisture produced is also not contaminated.

OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATION – Decongestants, antihistamines and pain relievers that you can get from a local medicine store can relieve you of the cold and pains attached. They don’t however, cure the cold or even make it stay lesser than it was going to. They only make you feel less miserable. Another thing to note is that there may be some side effects, especially when you consume a large quantity or when consistently take the medicines. It is advised that this relief should not be used on children.

It is better to visit a physician for prescription of drug or for treatment of any medical condition, but if a physician can’t be reach soon enough, these remedies which may not all be permanent solutions can be used to reduce the miserable feeling cold gives till there is professional prescription.