How To Relief Headache Quickly


There is no human being on this planet who can say he or she has not had a headache at least once in every year. That’s at the worst because most people have headaches every week. Sometimes, it is very slight, and at other times, it could be very chronic. At whatever stage or intensity, no one wants the headache to remain; we all just want to get rid of it. Most people resort to taking a nap or resting from work just to wait the headache out, so that it can leave on its own. However, there are other ways to get rid of headache and even quicker than waiting the ache out. Find them below:


If it is not migraine, any pain relief drug will deal with the headache just in time. Drugs like Aspirin, ibuprofen or Naproxen that do not contain combination of drugs are just perfect. You can easily get these drugs from local pharmacies or even in your home first aid box. For migraines, medications like Butalbital (which is mostly used with Aspirin, caffeine or codeine), Narcotics (like codeine, hydrocodone or oxycodone), Butorphanol (a nasal spray) or tramadol will solve the problem. There is however a problem with these drugs; being narcotics, they can lead to drug abuse and addiction especially Butorphanol.


Asides drugs, there are some other ways to cope with headache or to relief it quickly. This may be advisable because it reduces the risk of rebound headaches and addiction.

  • REST WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED – This works for all kinds of headaches even migraine. Go into a quiet room, put the lights out, lie down and close your eyes to rest for a while. Sleeping also eliminates the pain.
  • MASSAGING YOUR NECK AND TEMPLES – Muscles of the neck knot up to stop blood flow and hence the headache. To relieve the headache, massage the knots in your neck and in your temples until the blood flows through easily. If massaging does not help, apply ice on the neck to relieve the pain should reduce the ache.
  • RELAXING AND MEDITATION – Stop working and take a moment to relax. Meditate, not about work but on something pretty simple and beautiful, maybe a peaceful scene. Take deep and slow breaths. Any relaxation technique will be effective, but make sure to take a break from work when a headache lingers. You can take an excuse from work to go home early. Just make sure you are not stressing yourself with a headache.
  • WATCH WHAT YOU EAT – Eating also has its own toll on our health, including headaches. Stay away from caffeine, alcoholic drinks and cigarette. Also, skipping meals, especially breakfast, can compound headache. So eat regular food and don’t skip meals.

It may seem like you are trying to make the best of the time when you continue working with headache. But the truth is that if you take time out to rest and relief yourself of the pain, you can gain the time back with a health body. The headache will make you work at a slower pace.