Relaxation Options For Stress Management


This is a digital age where everybody is in hurry to go somewhere or to do something. You get really stressed when you’re at work especially if you work a 9 to 5 job, and even when you are on break or holiday. Your commitments to friends, family and responsibilities or errands can also stress you out. So, practically we are always stressed.

Stress can also result in more than being tired and fatigued. It could go as far as causing hypertension, depression, anxiety also suicidal thoughts. You will see that not just for the sake of feeling good and management time, stress needs to be managed.

This is why this article will explain various methods to manage stress with relaxation.

  • You may be stressed because you don’t get enough sleep. So, you should find a way to make sure you have an uninterrupted night sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, try to find a way to increase amount of time that you sleep. It could be from the time you spend watching the TV all the time you spend on your mobile phone. Just convert this extra time into some more sleep time. Also, try and get about 30 minutes of shut eye during the day. Sleep time is when our brain process is all the information that we’ve gotten while we were awake. So, not getting enough sleep, causes brain fatigue, here by meeting productivity hard for you.
  • You must also begin exercise regularly. This is because endorphins are released in the brain during exercise and they induce happiness. They also increase productivity and excitement which means you’ll enjoy the work you do. This reduces stress and anxiety. Exercising regularly also helps you get good and quality sleep.

Exercising in this case is not necessarily going to the gym. You can take a 10 minutes walk or jog every day just to get the endorphins released.

  • Nutrition can also help alleviate stress. You can introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. To make them more edible you can cook them slightly. They contain minerals and vitamins that will help you too and you stress and anxiety. You should also stay away from junk food. Taking junks regularly can make you stressed because they do not have enough nutrients. Always eat a balanced diet.
  • One of the most common, easiest and effective to reduce stress is taking deep breaths. Simply elongating your breaths can help you manage anger, stress, disappointment and anxiety. This is one of the most effective immediate remedy for conditions related to stress. When you are in a situation that is getting on your nerves, simply breathe in an out through your nostrils slowly until you are calm. This can save you a lot of drama, and also help you to feel better daily. You don’t have to wait till you are stressed, angry or disappointed to do the long breath therapy. You can add it to your daily routine for more effectiveness.

Your happiness and productivity are in your hands. Please take your health seriously.