Why Home Workouts Can Deliver Better Results


The gym has never been more popular, with women and men of different age, not to mention all sizes and shapes. Discount memberships and contact-free options place the local gymnasium within most of our price ranges- however, would we not be better off exercising at home? Let us examine these two options.

Workouts come in different forms and not everybody who work out does so with the same goal in mind. Some want to lose weight while others are planning to build muscle. Some people exercise just to get quick recovery from an injury, while some workout to increase their metabolism.

There are a lot of reasons why you may be better off just doing your exercise at home and simply putting on some simple but comfortable workout clothes because nobody is ever going to see you in them.

For beginners, exercising at a gym can be a little difficult. It can be a lot harder especially when you’ve just had the pleasure of sitting in the traffic on your way to the gym. When you get to the gym, you may feel awkward because you don’t know anybody around. Even when you know some people at the gym, you might end up spending much of your valuable workout time talking.

Another big issue is that a gym costs much money than exercising at home. Also, if there are a lot of people in the gym, you may not be able to use the fitness equipment the way you want.

Finally, there is the obligatory show-off, whose prowess can serve to demoralize, thereby decreasing your own gym experience and possibly your workout too as you strive desperately either to impress or emulate.

With imagination and a little research, most of that which can be achieved at the gym can equally be performed at home. Even many of the movements involving heavy weights which are designed for muscular growth can be replicated with bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, pull-ups and planks.

The home workout allows you to train in the comfort and convenience of your own environment, unstressed, undisturbed and un-distracted while providing almost all of the options that are available from the local gym. With imagination and a bit of research, all your objectives can be achieved outside of the gymnasium, whether you are training for muscle mass, weight loss or recovery.