Christiano Ronaldo injured in final 2016


christano ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo injured in the first 9 minutes with the collision of Dimitri pyet.

After some treatment he seemed to get back in the ground to play but after some time when he was very uncomfortable in playing he sit in the ground and sink in tears .Christiano Ronaldo called medical treatment after some medical treatment he jogged and a bunch of applause came from the home crowd for Christiano Ronaldo but after 25 minutes of the game .Christiano Ronaldo was ended his game lying  on his knees when captain passed to Nani.

Ricardo Qureshima came after Christiano Ronaldo was came on stretcher. The game was tied 0-0 against France. The game was running too slow. Portugal turns into win when Eder netted the football in 109 minutes after the game starts. This was the turning point for Portugal to win this championship. The whole crowd stood up from their chairs and cheers Portugal for winning this championship.

Christiano Ronaldo said after game .”I was really very upset when injured myself during first few minutes of game but I’ve always believed in these players. They have the quality along with our coach strategy to turn the game and win”.

He even never imagine that they could win this championship.One member of the coaching staff sit back with little hope to win. When the goal set in to the net he stood up from his chair and a bunch of tears came from his eyes. This is the victory Ronaldo had craved. The international victory that moves him from international retirement.

In remarks coach Fernando said that he does not believe that Christiano will retire from international football after the game he said this in his pre match conference.

Ronaldo made the record as the all time European football as a top scorer after netting his goal against Wales and a victory for Portugal. Christiano already become the first player who scored in different European championship tournaments. He took the award of the top scorer in the portages history. Christiano was the first player who made the record of 17th appearance against Hungary. He reached also in three European championship matches.