How To Reduce Stress As A Single Parents


What being a single parent directly means is that you will be both parents at the same time. It is hard enough to be one parent when there are two, but when circumstances turn out unfavorable, you only have to be strong. Single parents are heroes and they deserve to be celebrated.

No doubt, being a single parent can be really stressful. It is really stressful because having a child is stressful. It could even be worse if there is more than one child and they are all very young. It is stressful, but not impossible. Most people survive being a single parent although it may be a very rough ride. However, there are ways to ease the stress and make the job easier.

This article will expatiate on some different ways to reduce stress.

LOVE YOUR CHILDREN AND SHOW IT – This is probably very under-emphasized, but you must know that single parenting is not only hard for the parent. It is harder for the child or children. Not giving your child enough love can have a permanent or long term effect on their emotions and psychology. You must not blame your children for your situation and you must give them enough love. This will help them not to make the job harder for you than it already is.

USE A SCHEDULE – Having your days and tasks all planned helps you reduce stress and fatigue. It also helps your child to know what to expect. Being organized is always effective in reducing stress. So, organize your tasks, chores, meals, bedtime and every other thing that you may need to do daily.

BE PARTICULAR ABOUT QUALITY CHILD CARE – Most single parents would rather ask an older child or relative, their friend or partner, neighbor or any other available person to baby sit their child or children. This happens because they may not enough time to be there. These people are most untrained in child care, and may not be able to care for your child as you will. This is why you must source for and use a quality child caregiver.

DON’T FEEL GUILTY – Guilt is sometimes attached to single parenting. Many single parents may have gotten into that situation by a mistake they made, which will warrant guilt. However, you must know that blaming yourself will in no way make the situation better. You must accept the situation and move on. If you made a mistake, you won’t make it again, because you would have learnt. Direct your energy into creating a great future for your child and living a great life together.

DON’T TRY TO DO IT ALONE – It is very healthy and advised that you have a support system. Probably family members or close friends who care about you and are ready to help you. You can also connect with other single parents and share your experiences, so that you can learn and live better lives.

Most importantly, you must communicate with your child. Communication makes everything in this article easier.