Incredible Facts about Breastfeeding


Being a “Mother” is a fantastic experience of a woman. You have heard your grandma saying that “when a woman turns into a mother, she didn’t just give birth to a child, but also her own new life takes birth.” Truly, the saying is valid. At the point when a baby is born, it brings several new things and changes to the baby and also to the mother.

After giving birth to a baby, there are several things the woman needs to accept and some things she needs to forget forever. Breastfeeding is one of those new things a woman has to accept when she becomes a mother. The baby will require breast milk to grow, and this should be provided by the mother. Breast milk is gotten to breastfeeding, and this milk is essential for the solid growth of the baby.

Below is the list of facts about breastfeeding:

  • Whether it is night or day, even if your baby is drinking your breast milk or not, your breast will leak. So to avoid this leakage, wear nursing pads, which are available on the online sites. Disposable pads are the best are the best option if the mother is hoping to utilize the pads for a long time.
  • Women have different sizes of breast and all most equally secrete the milk quantity, however, if the baby usually sucks the milk from one side then that side turns out to be more lopsided.
  • At the moment when a mother thinks about her baby, the breast may begin to leak.
  • Breast milk is more effective than the bottle milk and has more healing power. The breast milk contains antibodies that can shield the baby against infections and other situations like acne, sore throat, rashes and also help in treating eye and ear disease.
  • The woman’s breast milk tastes like cow’s milk. However, it contains more nutrition than that of a cow. It is sweeter and nuttier. And, toward the end of nursing, the milk becomes thicker and creamier.
  • Breastfeeding builds up the child’s taste buds so that the child can also taste whatever the mom eats.
  • Breastfeeding reduces breast cancer in the woman and also reduces ovarian cancer by 6 percent.
  • Several women experience the tingling sensation when the child cries. They can feel the cry of their baby in the breast. This likewise happens when a mother sees another baby crying.