Perks Of Raising Many Kids At Once


Having many kids running around the house can be very cute. However it may not be so cute for the parents. When we see videos of kids playing around, we find it so adorable, but is it?

They could be children of the same age or different ages, it doesn’t really matter. As long as they are all kids, you have a lot to learn and to do.

If you’ve had many kids, you will definitely relate to the contents of this article. If you have not had many kids or maybe you have just one, you definitely need to read this article.

You may have asked what exactly are the perks of having many children?

Find them below:

You will spend more money – This is quite important to note because financial ability should be one of the qualifications to make babies. Those cute little babies are not supposed to suffer. They deserve the best treatment. So, you better be ready to spend.

Kids could be very funny and innocently jealous. If you are going to buy anything at all for any one of them, you may as well prevent a mayhem by buying for all of them. That’s just a side of it. Tuition fees for every one of them, medical bills, clothing and accessories, equipment for child care, etc, are on top of your multiplied list.                                         

You could get frustrated often – Children could be a lot to handle at times especially when they mess up something or themselves. You could have spent hours getting them ready for school and one of them will poop in his or her clothes at the door. You could find it hard to quiet them down when you’re trying to think, rest or take an important phone call. If you have a toddler, he or she could start a drama anywhere. They could be in a fist fight and you might find it hard to stop them. They could litter the floor with ketchup and oil after you’ve spent hours cleaning it. You can’t blame them. You just have to calm down and sometimes expect these things.

You must learn to prioritise – Many children will give you a lot of things to do at a time and it could be too much to handle. You will have to do them anyways, but you must do them according to their importance. Sometimes it could be hard to choose which one to do, especially when they clash with your personal engagement. 

You would have to improvise – Due to the much work you may have, improvising will be one of the most effective options. This could include tricking the kids into help you with the house chores by playing a game of ‘First to finish’ or training the older ones to help take care of the younger ones or other little house chores.

As tiring and frustrating this may seem, it could also be fun. It all depends on how you choose to feel about it, and how you do it.