Single Parents and Children


Being a parent is never a problem but being a single parent is an extremely difficult job. Single parents must work full-time, take the children to school and bring them back, help them with extracurricular activities and during sporting events.

As a single parent, this article will show you how to secure and protect your child and also keep your children on the straight path to a successful life.

Dealing with the Dreaded Question

The worst thing about the single parents’ universe is the point at which their children ask the painful question “Who is my Mom,” “Where is my Mom,” “Who is my Dad” or “Where is my Dad.” As painful as reality might be, widows and widowers find it easy to answer than those who don’t know where their children’s other parent is, if they are in prison or don’t want anything to do with the kid.

Answering this type of question might be upsetting for both the children and the parent. It is a wise to contact your child’s pediatrician. They will have the ability to offer parenting help in managing these hard to answer questions.

Playing Both Roles

Being a parent is difficult yet playing the part of both mother and father is beyond anything that most people can imagine. As a mom, you need to support the child, and ensure that the homework is done and the rooms are clean. As a father, you should be strong and be the person who will lay down your life for your kids.

Being a parent is a fulltime work, however, if you are a single parent, it’s like two fulltime job, and when you include your paying employment, the average single parent is doing the work of three people!

Start with the Scouts

Single parents and children have exceptional connections, but the parent should contact reliable organizations that can offer assistance for parents raising their kids alone. Scouting is an incredible thing for parents and children. Boy scouts can be an awesome asset for single moms looking to find a strong male influence for her son, and the girl scouts is also a superb association for single fathers to use for his little girl. The two organizations are of great advantage to parents and children alike.

Take Time to Talk

Parents must learn to openly communicate with their children, especially when there is just a single parent available to the child. Parent and child conversation enables a child to talk about his fears and concerns. The child emotional health relies on the time that you will devote to talking and conversing with each other. Strong parent child relationship depends on the ability to speak with each other.