What Are The Signs That Your Teenage Kids Are In A Lonely State?


Depression is the hardest state that a man can experience. If you have this, it’s like the end of everything. It’s just like your energy level was taken out from you that you don’t want to do anything other than sleep in the bed. You feel so down to move that sometimes you cannot even go to the shower room to take a bath.

According to research, teens are the number one age groups who commit suicide. Depression is the main reason why this incident happens in their lives.

Teenagers are at the stage where they begin to act independently like adults. They are majorly the ones affected by emotional stress because they think they are the only ones who can have the ability to solve their problems; when in truth, they are having a hard time fixing it. There are many causes why kids undergo emotional imbalances:

  • They feel down when they have low grades
  • They are not accepted by their peers
  • Parents expect highly of their teenagers
  • Breakup of personal relationships
  • Bullying from their classmates, schoolmates, and teachers

If you have kids, you must be aware of the signs of depression. Always be sensitive to their emotional hurt and talk to them all the time in order to get their trust. Your kids undergo emotional trouble when he/she are showing these symptoms:

  • Hard up in making decisions
  • Highly guilty
  • Hard up concentrating
  • Loss of memory
  • Acts rebelliously
  • Anxious, feeling of hopelessness or loneliness
  • Grades become surprisingly low
  • Sleep during the day but awake at nighttime
  • He became irresponsible
  • Withdraw from friends
  • Does not eat or excessive eating that results in quick gaining or immediate loss of weight
  • Always complains of pain
  • Uses drugs and drinking alcohol

If these symptoms are exhibited by your teenage kid, you have to talk to him or let somebody talk to him preferably someone he or she can trust. These signs are the initial signs that your child is in a depressive state and needs help. Your kids are no longer motivated. You have to give them the inspiration to get on with their loss.

As a parent, it’s important to know your children well. They may be kids who don’t have the right to decide what they want in life but you have to give them the chance to prove their worth, to value their talents and skills to soon share it to people for the use of the future generation.