Why Children Should Participate In Theater


Due to the prevalence of sports and academic program, many parents find it difficult to enroll their children in art program. Statistics has shows that children who participate in art programs usually score higher in school entrance exams than other children who are not involved art programs. When a student participates in any art program, that student will possess different types of skills that will help them throughout their life. Below are reasons why most parents should encourage their children to participate in theatre:

They develop strong confidence

Any child who participates in theatre tends to develop confidence through facial expression, body language and vocal projection. Children learn more aside from just showing their confidence on stage; they understand how to develop their character and create a sense of achievement. They can improve their self-esteem through the positive comments they get from the audience, friends and directors. They build strong confidence anytime they stand on the stage.

They develop great communication skill

When a child has a great communication skill, it can help the child in his/her future career and relationship with people. As a performer, you must practice clear articulation and vocal projection so people may understand your lines. When a child becomes an expert in this aspect, it helps them to be more intentional in communicating to people every day of their lives. A child who is more into stage plays will develop great self-esteem which will help him to grow more confident as he communicates his ideas to others.

They develop great empathy

A child is not taught empathy and confession in the classroom. To play a character successfully, the child must first learn to portray the feelings and reactions of other people. The child will have a different point of view after he or she has played different types of roles in theatre. A child who has played different role will perfectly have human experience and know how to handle life’s situations.

Improved Teamwork

Any child who is into theatre will have the ability and the confidence to properly coordinate a group. They develop this confidence as they work together with their team mates to carry out a stage play. The child can work together with any team he finds himself and build a strong relationship to promote whatever plan they have.

Increased Responsibility

Children that are involved in theater tend to have an increased responsibility because they learn lines on their own, attend rehearsals, and still perform well in their academics. A child can learn how to be responsible when he is involved in theater.