Why You Might Not Enjoy Parenting?


What’s fun about parenthood? Do you like being a parent? What influenced you to become a parent? You might be stunned to discover that most parents aren’t enjoying being parents. It’s a lot of responsibility that could add worry to your life if you let it. Being a parent can be a rewarding experience if that is what you want. If parenting is giving you problem, below are some of the reasons:

4 Things That Don’t Make You Enjoy Parenting

Worry How much time do you spend worrying about your children? You worry they’ll fall in with the wrong group. You worry they won’t get into the school they had always wanted. You worry about them getting pregnant or getting somebody pregnant. You worry they’ll take alcohol or drugs. Your worry will, in the end, show your worst nightmare. Stop worrying! You can’t control what your children do, yet you can give them the correct instruments that will enable them to make the right decisions.

You listen to others You don’t need to listen to ‘parenting experts’ or implement all that you read. Take what impacts you and leave the rest.

You compare your parenting skills to other parents Do not compare yourself to other parents. You may believe they’re the best parents on the planet, but you don’t live with them. You don’t know what happens in secret. They could be terrible parents who know how to “act” like great parents when they’re in general society. Be the best parents you can be and do not compare your skills with other parents

Keep in mind that you have at least 60,000 thoughts going through your mind each day that may affect your parenting. If you’re continually thinking negative thoughts about parenting, they will surely affect your parenting. Always be mindful of your thoughts. What are you thinking? How are these thoughts helping you and your family? When you start to see where your thoughts go, you’ll have the ability to transform them. It will positively affect your parenting skills.

Attempting to change your children You can’t transform anybody – you can just change yourself. Once your children are born, they become a different personality. You can’t control them or form them to be who you need them to be. They have all rights to be who they are. You may not like to hear this, but this is the truth. Accept your children for whoever they are. Didn’t you wish your parents would give you a chance to be who you wanted to be? The world will be a better place if we stop trying to change our kids.

You won’t be a good parent to your children if you continually worry about them. Parenting can be a happy experience if that is the thing that you want. If you would like to enjoy your children and family, shift your perspective around parenting and see as your world would be transformed.